Bowling Tips for Straight Bowlers

Man bowling ball at pins, low section

While top professional bowlers may prefer the explosive pin action offered by a hook shot, a straight line always represents the shortest distance between you and your target pins. Good straight ball bowling relies on precise, well-practiced form that minimizes side to side movement throughout the shot.


Approach each shot by striding straight toward your target. Keep your eyes focused straight ahead on the target pin. As you swing your arm to deliver the shot, maintain a 90-degree bend at your elbow and keep the ball moving directly forward and back along the alley. Hold your wrist and upper body still throughout the shot motion to avoid swinging your arms to the side and adding an unwanted rotational component to the movement.

Relaxed Delivery

In theory tightening up your muscles may sound important for a strong roll, but in reality tensed muscles reduce ball speed and place more stress on your arm. Always keep your bowling arm relaxed and swinging freely to efficiently transfer energy forward into the shot. Bend down to release the ball just above the surface of the lane, then follow through straight ahead to keep your hand and momentum moving in the right direction.