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BodyCombat Training

A well-rounded exercise program should include aerobic activity, muscle strengthening exercises, stretching for flexibility, core stability training and balance exercises. BodyCombat training includes all five of these elements to create a complete and effective exercise routine. The combat training routine is designed to target all major muscle groups and provide a cardiovascular workout.

BodyCombat Features

The BodyCombat fitness program was developed to be a challenging yet accessible group fitness class. The music and choreography of the class changes quarterly so you can expect a fresh routine every few months. The body adapts to repetitive exercise and the workout can be more effective simply by changing the routine. The program draws inspiration from martial arts sources such as karate, tae kwon do, muay Thai, tai chi, boxing and kickboxing.

Class Structure

During a BodyCombat class, you will never be asked to spar or fight another person. The classes are recommended for individuals of a moderate fitness level and you do not need to have any prior martial arts experience to participate. Each BodyCombat class is 55 minutes long and is structured around 10 musical tracks. With every new track the focus of the workout changes. The routine covers an extensive warm-up, upper body punches, lower body kicks and lunges and choreographed martial art routines. The class finishes with strength training on the floor and cooling-down stretches.


This martial arts-based training program may provide many benefits. Some possible benefits include weight loss, increased muscle tone, improvement of bone density, increased agility and a boost in self-confidence. Core stability and balance exercises improve posture and coordination.


Practicing the training program two to three times per week is advisable. Because of the challenging, high-impact nature of the exercise program, it is not appropriate for everyday use. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine to ensure that it is appropriate for your fitness level and medical history. Pregnant women and individuals with hip, knee and back injuries should not participate in a BodyCombat class.

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About the Author

Nicole Carlin is a registered yoga teacher. Her writing has been published in yoga and dance teacher training manuals for POP Fizz Academy. Carlin received a Masters of Arts in gender studies from Birkbeck University in London and a Bachelors of Arts in psychology from Temple University, Philadelphia.

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