The Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Traditional heavy bags hang from chains attached to the ceiling. These bags can be difficult to set up, and it's not always possible to hang in them in homes or gyms. Freestanding punching bags have become a widely used alternative. The best type of freestanding bag depends on your fighting style. The best bags for boxers are not always the best choices for grapplers. Before purchasing a freestanding punching bag, decide which fighting skills you want to improve.

Stand-up Fighters

Boxers and stand-up martial artists need a freestanding bag that can withstand punishing blows. If you are one of these athletes, you don’t want your bag to slide all over the floor. Century’s XXL Wavemaster and Everlast’s Pro Everflex are both good options. These bags are held in place with a sand or water-filled base. Unlike other products, the bases on these bags do not take up a lot of room. Both bags have large surfaces for kicking and punching. The XXL Wavemaster and Pro Everflex retail for about $250 to $350.


Typical freestanding punching bags can help grapplers improve their strikes and kicks. If you want to practice your ground striking, however, you need a bag that can also lie down. The S.M.A.R.T. Bag allows you to knock it to the floor with a strong punch or kick. You can practice quickly mounting and attacking the bag after it falls. This feature can help you improve the transition from your stand-up game to your ground game. The bag’s rounded base makes it stand up again when you decide to return to your feet. The versatility of this bag makes it more expensive than others. The S.M.A.R.T. Free Standing Heavy Bag costs $497.

Cardio Kickboxers

Many fitness studios offer cardio kickboxing classes. These studios often have freestanding punching bags for their clients to punch or kick during class. You don’t typically focus on developing power for a prize fight in these classes. Century Martial Arts and Everlast make thinner bags that are easy to relocate at the gym or fitness studio. Freestanding bags for cardio kickboxing classes cost between $100 and $130.


If you have children who are involved in boxing or martial arts, you can buy them a freestanding punching bag. The best bag for children is the Kid Kick Wavemaster. This Century Martial Arts product can be adjusted from 37 inches to 52 inches in height. Like larger versions, the Kid Kick’s base can be filled with water or sand. Make sure your children kick above the plastic base to avoid hurting their feet. This freestanding bag can be moved around your house easily. The Kid Kick costs about $100.

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