How to Unlock Wii Fit Workouts

Nintendo made the interactive Wii Fit exercise video game to use with its Wii video game console. When you start the game, you do not have access to every exercise that Wii Fit includes. However, you can gradually unlock every exercise by playing the ones that are available at the start. This method adds motivation and reward to your exercise program.

  1. Earn “fit credits” by performing the exercises that are unlocked and available when you are beginning, explains the Wii Fit website. When you earn certain amounts of fit credits, you will unlock additional games. For example, Cheat Code Central states that collecting 30 minutes of fit credits will unlock the Super Hula Hoop game.

  2. Play a specific beginner game a few times successfully if you want to unlock its more advanced or longer version. For example, Cheat Code Central explains that you can unlock Advanced Step if you successfully perform Basic Step a few times, the advanced difficulty level of Tightrope Walk by playing at the beginner’s level and so on.

  3. Gain four-star ratings on the different repetition amounts of the Plank, Jackknife and Pushup exercises to unlock the corresponding challenge activity under the Strength Training section. For example, to unlock the Jackknife Challenge, you need to get four-star ratings on the 10- and 20-repetition Jackknife exercises.

Things Needed

  • Nintendo Wii console
  • Wii Fit
  • Wii Fit balance board

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