Aging Neck & Throat Skin Exercises


Aging neck and throat skin exercises are designed to tighten the excess fat and flab that surrounds your neck and jowel region without surgery. While a diet focusing on calorie reduction and intense cardiovascular exercise can help reduce excess throat skin, there are specific neck exercises that can tighten and tone this region.

Side Resistance

This neck exercise is designed to tighten and strengthen your neck muscles. While in a seated or standing position, place your right hand on the right side of your head. From here, attempt to touch your right shoulder with your head. Instead of allowing your head to touch your shoulder, resist your motion with your right hand. Continue this resistance for five seconds before trying it on the left side of your body. Perform five to 10 repetitions.

Seated Towel Neck Resistance

This resistance exercise will help you reduce neck fat by strengthen the muscles in the back of your neck. Sit down at a workout bench with your feet flat on the ground and arms at your sides. Grab a small towel and roll it up so it is in a small and tight tube. Grab a side of the towel with each hand and place it behind your neck. Lean over while seated and tilt your head towards the ground. Pull down on the towel for resistance while trying to lift your neck back up to an upright position. Move consistently up and down with your neck until fatigued.

Neck Firming Exercise

This exercise is designed to firm up the neck region that is just below your chin. Sit or stand up straight with your eyes facing forward. From here, tilt your head backwards till it is at a 30-degree angle from its original position. Take your tongue and push it against the roof of your mouth. This will tighten your neck and jaw muscles. From here, rotate your head down towards your neck while maintaining this mouth position. Return back to your original pose and repeat until fatigued.

Neck Rotation

This exercise will tighten and reduce your neck fat by continuously rotating your head. Stand up straight with your arms at your sides and head facing forward. Start by rotating your head as far as you can to the right side. Hold this position for several seconds before returning to your center position. From here, rotate your neck to the other side of your head and hold for several seconds. Repeat alternating both ways until fatigued.