Iron Gym Weight Limit

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a versatile pullup bar that attaches to the top of your doorway without any fasteners. The manufacturer sets a weight limit for this product; however; many other criteria may affect how much actual weight you would want to put on the Iron Gym.


The Iron Gym is a complete upper body workout device, not only a pullup bar. You can attach the Iron Gym to your doorway and perform pullups, chinups and leg raises. Place the device on the floor to do elevated pushups and dips, working your chest, front shoulders and triceps. Set the Iron Gym in the bottom of your door frame, anchor your feet under the bar and perform crunches or situps.

Weight Limit

Pro Fit, the maker of the Iron Gym, recommends not using this product if you weigh more than 300 lbs. It does not set different weight limits for the separate functions of the device, although the bar can withstand considerably more weight during some exercises. Anybody can anchor his feet under the bar for crunches with little risk. However, if you are doing pushups or pullups and the bar gives out, you could sustain an injury.

The Competition

Several brands of pullup bars very similar to the Iron Gym are available on the market. Of these, 300 lbs. is the maximum user weight limit. Other products have weight limits of 250 lbs. All the bars are made of steel, but the construction is not the same. One pullup device is actually two bars that you connect with two screws. This creates a weak link in the bar that is prone to bending. The Iron Gym bar is one solid piece of metal.


Other factors determine if the Iron Gym pullup bar can handle the maximum user weight. The bar attaches to the top of your door frame by resting on the molding. You cannot use this device if you don't have molding around your door. Besides the bar, you have to ensure that the door frame can withstand the pressure placed on it. The molding should be at least 1/2 thick at the top of your door. Any thinner and it may not properly hold the Iron Gym bar in place.

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