The Best Football Helmets for Preventing a Concussion

.888 concussions occurred over a 3 season period among 17549 high school and collegiate level football players according to a study. Concussions occur far too regularly on youth, high school, collegiate and professional fields every year.

Education and Research

Much of the effectiveness of the helmet is linked to coach and player education. The helmet itself must manage the impact energies when helmet to helmet contact or helmet to surface contact occurs according to researchers at Virginia Tech University.

Tests Show

This is significant considering the aggression displayed on the field and the amount of concussions and head injuries reported as a result. The Riddell 360, Rawlings Quantum Plus, Xenith X2 and Riddell Revolution Speed score best for helmets reducing concussion risk in comparison to other helmets when evaluated using the STAR rating system.

Daily Checks

Teach players to keep their head and eyes up when they hit. Young players especially need reminding multiple times a day-- never lower their head when tackling.

Reteach and Review

Teach and reteach youth and high school players in proper use. Never use a football helmet without the NOCSAE, National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, warning label on the exterior.

About the Author

Deandra Newcomb is a fitness and wellness professional with more than a decade of experience coaching and teaching high school students in her home state of Texas. She holds a Master of Science in fitness and human performance with a certificate in women's studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.