How to Keep the Right Elbow Tucked in During the Golf Swing

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The perfect swing is the Holy Grail for golfers. They try for years to attain it, but few ever do. A host of drills and tips are available to help you along the way. The backswing typically is a source of particular trouble. A poor backswing does not set you up for a proper downswing and square contact with the ball. One of the most important aspects of a good backswing for right-handers is keeping your right elbow tucked into your body.

Address the ball and get into your normal stance.

Place a club head cover or rolled-up towel underneath your right armpit and hold it there with your arm.

Take a few practice swings, keeping the club head cover or towel held under your arm, to get the feel of tucking your right elbow.

Hit several shots, keeping the club head cover in place.

Remove the club head cover when you feel comfortable keeping your right elbow tucked and hit a few more shots, noting the difference in ball contact, consistency and flight path.

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 if you find your elbow flying away from your body.


For left-handers who want to keep their elbow tucked, simply follow the same steps, placing a club head cover or rolled-up towel under the left arm instead. Use this simple drill before drives or long iron shots for a few rounds to help train your muscles into consistency.