Tips on Wing Attack in Netball

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Wing attack is the most important playmaking position on a netball court, according to BBC Sport. Players at this position must pass the ball with accuracy and creativity to players in the shooting circle near the opposition's net. Those that play wing attack must possess good strength and have outstanding throwing and catching skills. The WA also must have the ability to run fast along the wing to create space for teammates and collect the ball without allowing interceptions.

Wing Attack Rules

As wing attack, you must follow certain netball rules specific to the position. You can move anywhere in the center third and attacking third sections of the court, but you can't enter the defensive third. Wing attacks also are not allowed into the shooting circle marked by a semicircular area beneath the opposition's net.

Communication and Mental Discipline

Wing attacks must choose from a number of passing options under pressure. Stay calm and focused when assessing a move. You must communicate with both forward and defensive teammates, according to "The Netball Handbook" by Jane Woodlands. Speak to your goal attack and center, asking them to make runs and moves as necessary. Listen for shouted instructions. Regular practice with the same teammates helps you develop more of an understanding of your teammates' moves.

Making Space

England netball player Chioma Ezeogu, writing on the BBC Sport website, suggests that shaking off opposing players is an important part of successful wing attack play. Tips include improving your explosive power so you can outpace a slower defender with a sudden sprint. However, you may not always have the space to run from your opponent. Instead, try feinting one way and going the other. This simple dodge could buy you enough time to escape the defender. Ezeogu also suggests to try rolling your opponent by curling your far leg outside them and sidestepping away.

Creativity and Passing

Mixing up your passes and varying your pace helps outwit the opposition. Instead of always opting for the long pass or throwing from the wing, try cutting inside and creating a short bounce pass. Practice throwing the ball with both arms. Wing attacks that can offer up a pass from either side of their body are valuable to a netball team, according to Woodlands. With a little imagination and strong passing skills you could be the creative difference between two teams.