Can You Firm Up Your Body With Exercise After Age 50?

Woman jogging on bridge

People older than age 50 can and should participate in exercises that firm the body. A well-rounded program of toning exercises and cardio activities not only boosts your health, it makes you look better, feel better and enjoy life more. You can benefit from exercise even if you've been inactive. Check with your doctor, start slow and work up to your exercise goal.

Targeted Toning Exercises

Weightlifting, isometrics, resistance exercises and some forms of yoga are examples of targeted toning activities that can be done by people older than 50. Prevent injury and get maximum benefits by warming up with 10 to 15 minutes of moderate cardio activity before you begin the toning segment of your workout. If you're new to this type of exercise, working with a trainer who understands the needs of older people will help you learn to move correctly and set realistic goals.

All-Over Fitness Activities

Balance your targeted toning exercises with activities that provide cardio and flexibility benefits, such as walking, swimming, dancing or bicycling. This will improve your general health and increase your circulation to make toning exercises more effective. Thirty minutes daily of moderate activity is recommended, but watching the clock is less important than doing something you enjoy that gets you moving every day.