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Can Exercise Fix a Sagging Chest?

If your breasts aren't quite as perky as they were a decade ago, you're not alone; chest sagging is an inevitable part of aging. This drooping effect occurs as ligaments stretch over the years, and there is no easy way to reverse it. For your own peace of mind, it's best to accept the natural changes that come with age, including loss of firmness in the breasts.

Exercise Doesn't Work

Exercises can strengthen your muscles, but breasts are made of fat, glands and connective tissue. Therefore, no amount of chest presses or flyes will affect sagging. What exercise can do, however, is tone the pectoral muscles beneath your breasts. While this won't lift the breasts themselves, it could lead to a more toned appearance. In addition, lifestyle choices like not smoking and maintaining a healthy weight can keep your bosom as firm as possible.

About the Author

Nina K. is a Los Angeles-based journalist who has been published by,, Healthy Living Magazine, Organic Authority and numerous other print and web publications. She has a philosophy degree from the University of Colorado and a journalism certificate from UCLA.

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