Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes

Ting Hoo/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The KicksGuide, an independent review site, rates the best 10 basketball shoes of all time, and Michael Jordan, perhaps the best player of all time, has his name attached to the top three models, which are all from Nike. A list of the top 10 current models of shoes on Buzzillions offers user reviews of the best-rated shoes in 2011.

Number One

The top-rated shoe on the KicksGuide list is the newest Air Jordan model, the XX3, which honors Jordan's jersey number. The KicksGuide lauds the shoe for its no gimmicks, performance-first design. Even though the shoe is lightweight, it still offers ankle protection. The review site says it is the best court performer is has seen, and the first Air Jordan since the XIV to "truly focus on an all-performance shoe."

Runner Ups

The Air Jordan XIV and Air Jordan XX2 are the next top selections. The Air Jordan XIV earns kudos for its traction. The cushioning is highly rated and the ankle support is rated above average. However, the shoes can wear down quickly and the tongue is narrow. The XX2 is "an absolute gem," with standout cushioning and the best performance since the XIV. However, it isn't particularly durable and the paint rubs off easily. The remainder of the Top 10 is composed of the Lebron IV, Zoom Flight 2k3, Air Jordan XIII, Air Jordan XX1, Flightposite, Air Jordan XIX and Air Force 25.

User Reviews

The top selection on Buzzillions is the Reebox 4600 Hi-Top. A total of 151 users gave the shoe a 4.8 rating. The New Balance 889 also earned a 4.8 rating from 27 users. In an era of expensive basketball shoes, both shoes offer quality at lower prices. The rest of the Top 10 is made up of the Adidas Commander Lite TD, Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, Adidas SS2G, Adidas Superstar 2G, Nike Air Force 1 Low, New Balance 888, Nike Air Max Wavy and the And1 Rocket, the only shoe on the list specifically made for boys.


Choosing the best shoe for you might mean disregarding a top 10 list. If you are playing a power position, you might opt for a high-top model to provide the maximum amount of stability and ankle protection. If you are female, Dick's Sporting Goods advises you not to buy a man's basketball shoe because the shoes likely will be too wide for your feet. Don't assume your feet have stopped growing and don't assume all manufacturers' shoe sizes are the same. A thumbnail bit of space should be between your longest toe and the top of the shoes and it's OK if your heel moves, but it should not slip inside the shoe.