How Far Should I Stand From a Golf Ball?

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Aside from the swing itself, one of the most important factors of your golf game is how you address the ball in preparation for a shot. Throughout a normal round of golf you will be faced with a multitude of different shot situations that may prompt you to adjust your stance and ball positioning. In doing so, you may also need to adjust how far you stand away from the ball.

Stance Importance

Setting up, or addressing the golf ball is a vital aspect of your golf swing as a whole. According to the GolfHelp website, the proper golf stance will reduce the frequency of many swing errors including, but not limited to, a slice, pull, hook, or thin golf shot. Ball position and distance from your body is also important to your stance because your arms will need room to effectively swing the club during each shot. Furthermore, your ball position may also impact the manner in which your shot travels after your golf ball is hit.

Normal Stance

According to "Golf Digest," the appropriate ball placement distance between your body and the ball itself can differ from one player to the next. This is due to the differences in your body structure in comparison to another player's; there is no specific distance measurement that applies to all golfers. However, you can find a comfortable ball position for every club in your bag by following the same method for each. While standing with feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and hips slightly as if you were addressing a golf ball. Let your arms hang naturally from your shoulders towards the ground. This is the proper ball position for your specific body type if you were to have a club in your hands.

Club Differences

It is important to remember that your ball position will adjust with each different club. For example, you will have a greater distance between your body and the golf ball when holding a driver in comparison to the distance when holding a 7-iron. This is due to the length of the club and the swing plane size needed to make a full swing. Follow the arm-hanging drill to get a “feel” for the appropriate ball position for each club in your bag.


Ball positioning also refers to how forward or back the ball is in your normal stance. As PGA professional Ernie El’s explains, a 7-iron golf stance requires that the ball is more towards the middle of your body while a longer club, such as a driver or wood, requires the ball to be placed further up in your stance towards your leading foot.