Swimming Exercises for Plantar Fascia

backstroke  in the swimming pool

Swimming exercises for plantar fascia are designed to keep you fit without putting additional weight on your injured foot. Because plantar fascitiis is an inflammatory injury caused by weight-bearing over extended periods of time, it is important that the exercises you perform do not put additional weight on your feet. Swimming exercises help stretch out your foot muscle as well as keep you fit without inflaming your injured foot.

Wave Maker

This swimming exercise strengthens your legs, abs and butt without inflaming your foot. Swim to the edge of the pool wall, placing your left hand on the edge of the pool and your right hand flat against the wall with your palm down. From this position, extend both of your legs at water level, making sure that your knees as well as your feet are right next to each other. Begin kicking your legs simultaneously up and down, using your hips and abdominal muscles to increase your speed. Go as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat until fatigued.

Total Body Stretch

This swimming exercise helps stretch out your legs as well as your foot without putting additional weight on it. Turn towards the edge of the pool, placing both of your hands on the edge while your feet rest gently on the floor of the pool. From here, bring your legs up, pressing both feet against the side of the pool. Start out with your knees bent, take a deep breath followed by a long exhale. As you exhale, extend your legs out and away from the edge, pushing your butt and lower back away from the pool edge. Hold this for a few seconds until you feel a stretch in your legs and feet. Release and repeat 10 times.

Fin Sprints

This fin sprint is designed to strengthen your lower body and arms without putting strain on your feet. Get into the pool and put a flipper on each foot. Choose a basic stroke, such as the breaststroke or freestyle, and sprint for 25 m without stopping. Using the fins allows you to increase your speed without increasing the amount of strain on your feet. Rest for a few minutes before repeating the drill. This exercise forces you to consume a large supply of oxygen, which improves your cardiovascular health and breathing technique.

Fin Repeat

This exercise is designed to improve your flutterkick as well as strengthen your foot and leg muscles. Get into the shallow end of the pool with a kickboard. Start the exercise by alternating your legs in a rapid motion while keeping your arms extended and balanced on the kickboard. Go as fast as you can while on the board for 50 m. Rest for 10 seconds before repeating. Repeat the exercise 10 times.