Is a Mini Trampoline Safe for an Elderly Person?


Mini trampolines offer a safe and effective workout for the elderly, providing a cardio routine and helping build strength and balance. There are some safety concerns, but following precautions makes mini trampolines a safe workout tool for older adults.

Low Impact

A trampoline offers a low-impact cardio and strength-training routine for older adults. A trampoline’s design includes a flexible mat attached by springs that offers a softer landing than most surfaces. This allows you to perform typically high-impact exercises with less impact. Jumping, running and walking on trampolines is less harsh on bones. Arthritis Journal recommends mini trampolines as a method to manage arthritis with exercise.


The benefits of exercises on trampolines include increased bone mass, balance, strength and flexibility. Exercise decreases excess weight, which helps prevent diseases. The use of a trampoline is safe and provides all the benefit associated with regular exercise.


Safety must be practiced when using all exercise equipment. To workout safely with a mini trampoline, follow these tips to prevent injury: Seek your doctor’s approval before beginning a new exercise routine. Condition your body to stand and walk without support. Keep the area directly around the mini trampoline clear to prevent tripping upon entering and exiting the trampoline. Wear shoes that are comfortable, and avoid shoes that are elevated, such as platform-type sneakers, which can cause you to roll your ankle. Use safety accessories when available. Many trampoline companies like sell exercise handle bars that add jump stability and safety to your workout.


The benefits of working out on a mini trampoline outweigh the risks, but it is important to recognize those risks. Due to the general loss of balance and muscle that comes with aging, the risk of falling is higher for elderly adults. Overexertion also can occur, causing dehydration, fatigue or heart and breathing abnormalities. Follow all safety precautions and seek your doctor's approval before beginning a mini trampoline exercise routine.