Foam Roller Knee Exercises


Foam rollers are 6-inch wide cylinders of foam that you sit or lie on to apply direct pressure to muscle knots. Although you do not directly roll joints such as the knees, you can foam roll the muscles that attach to the knees to maintain flexibility and proper alignment of the joints. Stop at each point where you feel pain and hold for 30 to 60 seconds to release knots.

Hamstrings Roll

The hamstrings roll gets rid of knots in the hamstring muscles that run along the rear of the thighs. You actually roll the hamstrings and the upper hamstrings differently. To roll the upper hamstrings, sit on the foam roller with your knees bent and your hands on the floor behind you with your arms straight. Sit on the center of the foam roller. Roll slowly along the lower part of the buttocks where the hamstrings attach. Next, straighten your legs and roll the foam roller down the hamstrings until they almost touch the backs of your knees.

Quad Roll

The quad roll targets the quadriceps muscles on the front of the thigh. To use a foam roller to release the knots in the quads, lie face down and put the foam roller at the top of your quads near your hips. Push your upper body off the floor with your arms straight and look forward. Next, walk your hands forward to roll the foam roller down your quads until the roller is just above the front of your knees.

IT Band Roll

The IT band roll exercise targets the IT band along the sides of the upper legs. This band of connective tissue connects into the knee. To do this exercise, begin in the same position as you did for the quad roll with your arms straight. Twist your hips and legs sideways to the right and place the foam roller at the top of your right outer thigh. Walk your hands forward to roll the foam roller down your leg until it is just above the outside of your knee. Repeat on the left outer thigh.

Peroneals Roll

The peroneals roll lengthens and targets the muscles on the outside of the lower leg. These muscles attach to the bottom of the knee. To perform this exercise, prop yourself onto your forearms face down with the foam roller below your right knee. Lean to the right and cross your left leg onto your right calf. The foam roller should touch the outside of your calf. Roll from just below the knee down to directly above your ankle on your right leg. Repeat on your left leg.