How to Get Rid of Knots in Biceps

Woman getting a massage at spa

Knots in your biceps can develop because of inactivity or muscle tightness or because you worked the muscles too much. Deep tissue massage, known as myofascial release, targets these knots and helps relieve tension in the muscle. However, going to a massage therapist is not always a practical option. This is where a foam roller comes in. A foam roller, which is similar to a pool noodle except it's shorter, thicker and denser, allows you to target these knots and increase muscle flexibility with self-myofascial release exercises.

Lie on your left side with your legs extended and your left arm resting on the foam roller. Position your arm so that the biceps muscle comes in direct contact with the roller. You may have to turn your upper body slightly.

Keep your muscles relaxed. Slowly move your body so that your upper arm rolls over the foam roller.

Roll your arm in slow and controlled movements. Pause or stop when you reach areas in the muscle that feel tight or tense. Adjust your body position to increase your body weight and the amount of pressure you place on this tight area for a deeper massage. Continue rolling for 30 to 90 seconds or until the knots begin to loosen. Repeat on the other side if necessary.


Begin the exercise slowly. Do not focus on time or repetitions. Make the movements deliberate and focus on targeting the knots in the muscle. Gradually, the pressure will help reduce the knots and muscle tension while helping to increase flexibility and blood flow in the muscle.


Consult a physician if you experience regular pain and knots in your biceps to rule out any underlying medical condition.

Though you may experience mild discomfort, foam roller exercises should not cause pain. If you do, stop the exercise immediately.