Jobs That Involve Fitness

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Physical fitness includes strength, endurance and agility. If you want to enter a career that involves fitness, talk to some people currently in that field. Ask about a typical work day and what physical requirements the job entails. Also, ask for recommendations for how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your new career.

Fitness Workers

Fitness workers, such as personal trainers, group exercise instructors and physical rehabilitation coaches, teach others how to use diet and exercise to achieve fitness goals. Many of these jobs require certification. For example, the American Council on Exercise offers certifications for a variety of fitness careers. Typically, the certifying agency offers exams to test your knowledge of human physiology, appropriate dietary habits and other fitness related issues.


Athletes must maintain their physical fitness to perform well in their sport or activity. For example, marathon runners train year-round for a racing event. Football and baseball players go to physical conditioning camps to prepare themselves for the upcoming season. Besides sports-specific training, many athletes lift weights and perform cardiovascular exercises to give themselves an advantage over their competitors.


Construction work involves heavy lifting, hammering, sawing and many other physically intensive activities. To perform their jobs, workers need to develop specific physical skills as well as general fitness. Some construction engineer jobs require the ability to perform difficult tasks in hazardous conditions. For example, steel workers building a skyscraper must perform their jobs while balancing carefully on narrow, metal beams.

Law Enforcement and Military

Law enforcement and military jobs also require physical fitness. Recruits attend training camps to gain the physical skills necessary for completing their jobs. Those who fail to reach minimum fitness standards will not receive jobs. After acceptance, many departments recommend periodic training to ensure continual physical fitness.


Firefighters storm into blazing buildings to find survivors. If victims are unconscious, firefighters must be fit enough to carry them out. To fight the fire, they use large, heavy hoses to spray water. These tasks, among others, make firefighting a difficult job for all but the most physically fit. To become a firefighter, candidates must pass rigorous physical tests that include job specific tasks, such as carrying hoses for long distances, as well as more common physical drills, such as pull ups and sprints.