How to Win More Wrestling Matches

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Wrestling is an intense sport that requires a great deal of physical and mental strength, endurance and skill in order to excel. Wrestling is a big part of high school and college sporting life, and is a popular sport at the summer Olympics. The goal of any wrestler is to win more matches, and winning more matches usually comes down to training and preparation.


Wrestle as often as you can with different opponents in practice to build up your endurance. Nothing can substitute for the real thing when it comes to conditioning.

Practice a variety of both offensive and defensive moves from the bottom, top and standing positions. Choose one move from each position and perform hundreds of repetitions so you can use it as a go-to move if you are ever in trouble on the mat.

Perform squats, lunges, stair running and plyometrics or jump training to build power in your legs. Strong legs are important for leverage and explosive movements and takedowns.

Study your opponents when possible before you meet them in a match. Watch how your opponents attack and note any tendencies they may have that you can exploit during the match.

Modify your nutrition to exclude junk foods, fast foods and sodas. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, and choose more fresh produce, lean meats and whole grains.

The Match

Attack your opponent first when the match is under way to keep him off balance. Remain on the offensive if possible, using "chain wrestling" to blend from one move or hold to the next without interruption.

Fight to your strengths, meaning use power if you are stronger and speed if you are faster. Set up your takedowns by destroying your opponent's balance first, but never shoot for a leg that is farther than an arm's length away.

Step around the mat in short steps that are never longer than 12 inches. Never cross your feet, and avoid repetitive patterns that your opponent may pick up on. Keep one foot trailing behind when you get low to avoid having both knees on the mat.

Work hard to get the pin quickly after getting your opponent on his back. Keep him focused on defense so he cannot offer any offense. Work exclusively for pins if you find yourself at least 3 points ahead during the match.


Keep the overall score in mind during a team match. If you're losing on points late in a match, but your team is leading overall, don't gamble on a risky move that may get you pinned; the opponent gains more points for a pin than for a decision. On the other hand, if you're wrestling the final match and your team is losing by five points, go all-out to gain the pin, which is worth six points and would give your team the victory.


Avoid trying any moves or techniques you haven’t worked on in practice. Performing a move incorrectly can cause you to lose a match, or may lead to an injury.