The Best Rated Racquetball Rackets

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High-quality racquetball rackets are available in a variety of styles with features specific to the more experienced power players who require greater accuracy and maneuverability on the courts. Individual tools, the best rackets complement a player's strengths and improve performance. The main characteristics to consider in a racket are balance point, frame stiffness, weight, grip, head and new technologies. To help navigate the many available options, experts test rackets and these received superior reviews.

Dunlop Disruptor One 65

Breaking into the racquetball arena with the Disruptor ONE 65, Dunlop’s lightweight racket is the most powerful and lightest, at 165 grams unstrung, in its series. a powerful racket. Racquetball Warehouse says the Disruptor is best suited for players with a fast swing who like a head-heavy balance. Co-designed by world champion Sudsy Monchik, the Disruptor is 22-inches long and has a 106-square-inch head. The racket combines BioFibre, which absorbs vibration to reduce stress on the arm, and AeroSkin CX technologies to reduce drag. The Disruptor earned an exceptional rating for power in testing. The Biomimetic Havoc ONE 75 and Biomimetic Menace ONE 85 also scored very high for Dunlop.

E-Force Invasion X 170

Designed for maximum power, the E-Force Invasion X 170 features new power boosters in its graphite frame and provides comfort and stability. The teardrop-shaped frame has a powerful sweet spot higher on its head, that is 107-square inches. The Invasion is 22-inches long and has an unstrung weight of 170g. The racket design uses the 22-inch Longstring Technology, which extends mains and crosses. Reviewers at Racquetball Warehouse say "the E-Force Invasion 170 may hit the ball so hard, it might be mistaken for a UFO!" The 2012 Invasion 170 and 2011 Heatseeker designs in the E-Force line also received high honors

Ekelton ESP RG Toron

The new Ekelton ESP RG Toron is extremely powerful and designed with only 12 main strings, the Extreme String Pattern (ESP) technology, that allows for the most open string pattern in the game. With improved power and control, the ESP RG Toron weighs 170g unstrung and is well-balanced with a head size of 106-square inches and a length of 22-inches.The ESP RG is rated very high for control and power by experts at The RG Toron line is named after, and endorsed, by legend Ruben Gonzales, who played with the original Toron when he was the world champion. The Toron Lite and the EXO3 RG Toron, the weapon of choice for and pro Andy Hawthorne, also received top honors.

GearBox MAX1

The GearBox MAX1 series includes a new technology that compresses graphite to create a concave head shape by doubling the thickness of the walls without adding weight or material to the racket. This increases the power, durability and strength of the racket. The concave design provides a larger hitting area with Power Bevels that maximize energy into the ball. rates the MAX1 as the most powerful and durable. The 165 and 170 are available in the Teardrop and the Quadraform shapes and designed for beginners or intermediate players. The 185 Quadraform is best suited for an advanced player. says the MAX1 "is designed to maximize every aspect of your game to maximize your point total."

Head Olympus

Harness the powerful weapons of the Head Olympus Series with the Zeus 165 and Ares 175. Using the CT2 technology to increase the stiffness in the throat, the Olympus series creates a more explosive, thunderous shot. The rackets are 22 inches in length and have a head size of 106-square inches. Both are lightweight, head-heavy rackets with Zeus weighing 165g unstrung, and Ares 175g. The Olympus series also uses YOUTEK technology, a technology that Head says adapts to the players style. The Zeus and Ares received exceptional ratings through testing: “This series is the best Head lineup we’ve ever hit.” The 2012 Black Widow also scored high for racquets with Head.