How to Use the Bun & Thigh Roller From Body by Jake

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The Bun and Thigh Roller, or Bun and Thigh Rocker, is a piece of exercise equipment produced by Body by Jake. As of February 2011, this equipment is no longer being produced, but you may find a used roller to add to your at-home workout room. You can use the roller as strength training equipment or for a cardiovascular workout.

Strength Training

Set your resistance level: Choose from four resistance bands, adding more to increase your workout challenge. Place your bands in the slots on the back of the roller.

Stand facing the foot platform. Straddle the machine by placing one foot on either side of the floor support rail. Sit on the seat. Rest your back on the back support.

Step one foot onto the foot plate, adjusting your foot height so your knee and heel remain aligned. Step your other foot onto the foot plate and adjust your foot height. Hold onto the handles next to your seat.

Support the weight of your body slightly backward in your heels to protect your knees. Straighten your legs slowly as you press your heels into the platform. Move the machine and your body to a full extension of your legs while keeping your knees slightly bent. Slowly bend your legs and return to start position.

Repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions and two or three sets. Add resistance bands if the tension is too light, or remove bands if the tension is too high.

Cardiovascular Workout

Select the two cardiovascular training bands. Place one or both onto the back of your roller.

Straddle the machine. Sit on the seat and rest your back onto the back pad. Pick up one foot at a time to place on the foot platform. Align your knees and your heels. Hold onto the handles next to your seat.

Quickly straighten your legs. Keep a slight bend in your knee. After you reach full range of motion, quickly bend your knees and return to start position. Maintain your knee-to-heel alignment, supporting your body weight mainly with your heels and not forward over your toes.

Continue to straighten and bend your legs. Move as fast as you can in a controlled manner for 10 to 15 minutes. Perform a half press for variety by starting with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle, and then straighten them 45 degrees for a half press. Perform another half-press variation by beginning with your legs straight and then lowering 45 degrees.

Adjust your bands as needed. Add a resistance band if the resistance feels too light and without much control. Remove a resistance band if you cannot keep a quick pace.


Add core and upper-body exercises to your routine for a complete, balanced strength-training workout.


Start at a low resistance until you grow accustomed to the equipment.