Instructions on a Vitamaster Exercise Bike

Vitamaster is a name for exercise bikes offered in the 1990s by Roadmaster Industries. Although these bikes are no longer in production, figuring out how to use one should not be difficult. The Vitamaster stationary bikes have simple designs. By today’s standards, they are archaic, but still useful. Regardless of the model, some basics for working out on an upright stationary bike should be all it takes to use your Vitamaster for a potent cardiac workout. Check with your doctor before beginning to use you Vitamaster bike to ensure you are healthy enough for cardiovascular exercise.

Sit on the Vitamaster bike and place your feet on the pedals. Push down with your legs so one pedal sits at the lowest point, near the floor, and one at the highest. The extended leg, the one nearest the floor, should have a slight bend in the knee. If your leg is fully extended or if you knee has more than a 10 degree bend, adjust the seat.

Adjust the seat if necessary. The method will depend on the model Vitamaster you own. Look under the seat for an adjustment knob and turn the knob counterclockwise. Push up to make the seat higher and down to lower it. Tighten the knob by turning it clockwise. If the bike has a pin for seat adjustment, grasp the ring on the end and pull the pin towards you. Move the seat and reinsert the pin in the notch closest the setting you desire.

Climb back on the bike and begin pedaling slowly. The first Vitamaster bikes had no monitoring consoles. Newer models may have a basic control console that measures time, speed and distance. If your bike has a console, press the “Start” button to begin tracking your ride, otherwise, use a stop watch to time yourself. Stay at a slow pace to warm up. Ride at a speed that feels comfortable and requires no exertion. Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.

Increase your speed for the workout portion of the ride. Turn the pedals fast enough so you are slightly winded, but can still speak without difficulty. Stay at this level for up to 20 minutes if you are just starting out. As you become more fit, increase to 40 minutes.

Slow the pedaling to a comfortable pace for the last 10 minutes. This will allow you to cool down.


For interval training, vary your pedaling speed during your workout. For example, ride two minutes as fast as possible, then slow down for the next two minutes. Do this during the workout portion of your ride. Interval training is s useful tool to burn calories and to improve your aerobic workout. Work up to sprints that last 10 minutes, then slow for two minutes before increasing speed again.