How to Clean a Rusted Weight Set

Rusty weight lifting

Weights that have been unused and stored for a long time in an enclosed area can accumulate rust and dirt. Just because your weight sets are rusty doesn’t mean you can’t use them anymore. By employing all the methods below, you can make your weight sets look new and usable again.

Rinse the weight set with clean water. This is best done outdoors. Carefully dismantle the weight set and place the parts in a large turkey pan or basin. Fill the basin with water and let it overflow for a minute to remove any dirt and debris.

Identify the rusty areas and generously sprinkle a cleansing powder such as Bon Ami or Ajax on the weight set. Using a moist cloth, wipe the rusty areas in a circular motion for 15 minutes or until the rust starts to dissolve.

Use a piece of steel wool or a wire brush to get rid of stubborn rusty areas. Scrub the areas for about 10 minutes or until you notice the rust starting to come off. Wear dishwashing gloves when using any of the items mentioned here to protect your hands from small cuts or scrapes.

Rinse the weight set under running water to get rid of the rust remnants and wipe dry using a thick towel or shammy cloth.

Put the weight parts back together after they have dried. Your weights are now rust-free and ready to use.