Stationary Bikes With User Capacity of 300 Lbs. or More

imtmphoto/iStock/Getty Images

The limited range of motion and mobility of someone weighing over 300 pounds can make exercise challenging. Stationary bikes, which offer a non-impact efficient form of cardiovascular exercise, can be the answer in many instances. Certain stationary bikes offer special advantages for the heavier set.

Upright or Recumbent

Most commercial grade exercise bikes, such as those found in gyms, can accommodate someone weighing up to 450 pounds. Fitness centers usually carry two types of stationary bikes: upright and recumbent. The upright is modeled after a traditional road bike with the seat over the pedals and your torso leaning forward to reach the handlebars. The reclined design and a larger bucket seat on the recumbent may be a more comfortable option. The recumbent bike can also be easier to get in and out of, which the larger rider may appreciate.

Home Use

If a gym tightly packed with equipment and people is not for you, then a home gym may be the answer. It can be difficult to find a stationary bike for home use at an affordable price that can sustain over 300 pounds, though there are some options if you are willing to invest in a quality machine. Features to look for are adjustable parts, such as the seat and handlebars, a heavier flywheel and magnetic resistance. Give any bike under consideration a test run in the store to be sure that it is the right fit for you.