Massage Therapy Wrist & Forearm Exercises

Massage Therapy Wrist & Forearm Exercises

Massage therapy can be beneficial to just about anyone because it helps stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to an injured area. Massage can also make your muscles more pliable by helping to exercise and stretch them. Because you use your wrists and forearms in just about every activity in your daily life, taking a little time to help them recover from all that work simply makes good sense. Talk with your doctor if you’re suffering from wrist and forearm pain to determine whether these exercises are right for you.


Find the bony spot that sticks out on the outside of your elbow and move our fingers down about 1 inch below the bony knob toward your wrist. Use the fingers of your other hand to press into this spot and begin moving your fingers in a slow, circular motion while pressing down gently. Continue massaging this area for 15 to 20 seconds, and repeat on your opposite arm. Use a tennis ball or even a rounded counter corner to perform this massage, if necessary.

Foam Roller Massage

For this exercise, you’re going to need a foam roller similar to the ones used by children in a swimming pool. Place the foam roller on the inside of your forearm just below your elbow and apply pressure with your opposite hand so that the roller is pressed into the muscles of your forearm. Rotate the foam by rolling it under the palm of your opposite hand while continuing to apply pressure. You can use this massage on your entire forearm. Continue rolling the foam along your forearm for several minutes, and repeat on both arms.

Cross Friction

You will need a tennis ball to perform this massage. Begin by holding a tennis ball in the opposite hand of the arm you want to massage. Place the tennis ball on the inside of your forearm just below the crease formed at your elbow. Begin rolling the ball across you arm in a pattern that moves from the inside of your forearm to the outside. For this massage, you want the tennis ball to move across your muscles, not up and down. Continue this massage for several minutes and repeat on your other arm. This massage can be used all along the inside and outside of your forearms.

Wrist Massage

Use the thumb of your opposite hand to press into the muscles along the back of your wrist and begin alternating moving your thumb in an up-and-down and circular motion. If your thumbs are too weak for you to get the full benefit of this technique, a smooth river stone or other smooth rock can be used to provide pressure to the area. This massage technique can also be used along the inside and outside of your wrist to help improve the flow of nutrients into the area and improve the functionality of the joint.