"As Seen On TV" Pilates Workout Equipment

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"As Seen On TV" Pilates Workout Equipment

Pilates is known for sculpting long, lean muscles, developing a strong core and increasing flexibility. While you can perform mat-based Pilates anywhere, equipment — such as the traditional reformer, used to add extra resistance to an exercise — traditionally costs hundreds of dollars and been reserved for Pilates instructors. Reformers are machine used in Pilates to add extra resistance to an exercise.

However, you might see an infomercial late at night offering Pilates equipment at an affordable price, such as "As Seen On TV" products. While the company is not the creator of the equipment, it sells the products through television infomercials and online. With at-home Pilates equipment, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Pilates

Regular Pilates sessions can enhance muscular endurance, improve flexibility and develop core strength, which happens to be the central building block of all movement patterns. With a strong core, you can prevent low back pain, improve posture and have greater balance and stability — and that leads to fewer injuries. Pilates exercise should be supplemented with cardiovascular exercise.

Malibu Pilates

Malibu Pilates is an “As Seen On TV” product that includes a piece of equipment called the “Malibu Pilates chair.” This system also includes a DVD workout to follow along. This chair is similar to a traditional Pilates chair that offers muscle-lengthening, full-body resistance. You can change the resistance with springs, just like traditional Pilates reformers.

With the Malibu Pilates chair, you can perform a full-body workout right in your own home. With adjustable resistance springs, this workout can accommodate the beginner Pilates learner while also keeping the advanced study happy. While everything in Pilates is related to exercising the core, Malibu Pilates also incorporates arm, glute and leg workouts. The full-body movements work your core through every exercise.


The AeroPilates machine is just like a traditional Pilates reformer , on which you lie on your back or stand on top of the machine to perform exercises. This machine is smaller than a traditional reformer, so you can use it in your own home. The machine comes with straps that can be used for arm or leg resistance. The AeroPilates offers all of the same benefits as a traditional reformer in a studio.

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates

Mari Winsor has been a Pilates guru for decades, creating various different at-home Pilates products. The Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates kit includes equipment that mimics the traditional Pilates reformer without the bulk of a large table. The Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates equipment also includes a bar that is attached to resistance bands and ankle straps. With the resistance bands, you can complete more than 200 exercises. There are also coinciding DVDs to assist with ideas for exercises.