Size and Strength Workouts

Crossfit instructor at the gym

Size workouts are not for every guy or gal. Achieving and maintaining muscle hypertrophy demands devotion and attention to detail. Those details include everything from executing proper form to altering your diet to recovery. Fueling your emerging muscles means eating a clean, protein-rich diet; and recovery usually means taking at least one day off to give your muscles time to repair. Maximum attention equals maximum gains.

Customized Volume Training

Customized Volume Training builds muscle and increases strength. Fitness trainer Mike Mahler finessed a three-day workout program that uses percentages to determine exercise weight. In this workout, you use 80 percent of your one-rep max on the specific exercise and perform as many reps as possible, until failure. Monday is a chest and back day. Perform 10 sets of bench press alternated with bent-over row. Wednesday is a shoulders, lats and ab day. Perform 10 sets of military press alternated with pullups, using the 80 percent rule. Do three sets of weighted situps, alternated with leg raises. Friday is a leg day, alternating squats with stiff-legged deadlifts, using 10 sets of failure reps with 80 percent of your max.

The Russian Bear

The Russian Bear workout routine by Russian fitness trainer Pavel Tsatsouline, uses a three day full-body workout to build muscle size and increase strength. Execute military presses, pullups and dead-lifts on Monday. Wednesday is bench press, bent-over rows and squats. Repeat Monday's routine on Friday. The sets and rep scheme are the same on all exercises. The first set is five reps, wait five minutes, then perform another set of five reps using 90 percent of the first set. Wait 30 to 60 seconds and do another set of five reps using 80 percent of the first set. Keep performing sets of five using 80 percent of the first set and take 60-second breaks between each set. You are finished with the workout when you can't perform five reps.

The Steve Reeves Solution

Steve Reeves, a former champion bodybuilder, developed a workout program to help people increase size and strength. Reeves believed that people wanting to increase strength and size should train a maximum of three days a week and use strict form during workouts. The Reeves workout routine is only two days a week. Monday, the exercises are military press, bent-over row, squat and Romanian dead lifts. On Thursday you perform parallel bar dips, pullups, dumbbell lunges and dead-lifts. Complete five sets of six reps for all of the exercises.

Off-Season Strength and Size

Off-Season Strength and Size is a workout program created by the Animal Pak company to create a stronger and bigger physique. Sets vary in this workout, from one to five, and the reps range from 10 to 25. Monday is a leg day, with eight leg exercises in total. Six arm exercises are performed on Tuesday. On Wednesday you work your back and traps; with eight total exercises used for your back. Complete your week on Thursday with 10 chest and shoulder day exercises.