Pilates Games for Wii

The Wii

The Nintendo Wii takes video games to the next level by making them interactive. Instead of pressing buttons and watching things happen on a screen, the Wii lets you control the action through a handheld remote and other devices like a balance board.

While it was originally designed for video games, the Wii's technology quickly became a platform to build an interactive workout experience on. The handheld remote is a great way to keep track of your movements while you're doing a workout, and the balance board keeps track of how your body is moving.

Now, instead of watching the same workout video over and over again, you can actually interact with the instructor and be immersed into the workout. Taking charge of the action will make you more excited to workout and gives you the feeling that someone else is in the workout with you, bringing the intensity up. It also allows a fitness video to give you real-time feedback which can improve your form or your pace during the workout. No more slacking!

New U Mind Body Pilates and Yoga Workout

With over 115 yoga and Pilates moves, this game offers a ton of variation. It uses motion capture technology to see how you're executing the exercises, and tells you to make adjustments as necessary. The corrections are voice-overs from real personal trainers and exercise instructors, adding to the sensation of actually being in an exercise class.

The videos of exercises aren't animated in this game. You'll see real videos of real people demonstrating the exercises, which can be more helpful than an animated version. The harder you work and the better your form is the higher your score will go in this game that rewards you for performance. The addition of yoga into this game gives you more workout options and even some guided meditation to help you ease out of workout mode.

Daisy Fuentes Pilates

Comedian and host Daisy Fuentes is featured in this animated workout game. There are 10 Pilates routines included. Five of them are pre-set workouts and five are customizable, giving you some say in the intensity of the workout. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced routines that will keep you challenged as you get better.

This game uses the Wii to check your timing during exercises to help you keep pace. In Pilates, there are some exercises where you need to keep a rhythm with your breath and your movements, and the game helps keep you in line with a timing system. You have the option to use the balance board to make some of the exercises more unstable and challenging. Best of all, Daisy Fuentes give you exercise and nutrition tips to help you along your journey.


This one game brings eight different exercise classes into your home, complete with music and animations: Pilates, yoga, dancing, karate and even fitness classes for kids. While it's not purely a Pilates game, it has 155 total exercises and dozens of Pilates exercises. The workouts have instructions for each exercise and the Wii keeps track of how many calories you're burning and the intensity of the exercise.

With this game, you can create customized workout plans to work on problem areas of your body. If you feel like you're lacking energy during your workouts, you can ask a friend to join you and work out at the same time. You can use either the handheld Wii remotes or the balance board to interact with the game. If your form is correct, your score goes up! This game is lively and brings the energy of a group exercise class into your home.

Fit in Six

Similar to Exerbeat, this game combines different styles of fitness. You can choose to take classes, which are specified to one type of exercise. The Pilates class includes a total body workout, specific core work, flexibility work and an energy flow segment. In total, there are 2 hours and 23 minutes of Pilates instruction in this game. This game is more along the lines of an exercise video and is less interactive than the other games. It lacks the feedback that might help you with your form.

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