Exercise to Reduce Hand Fat

Woman hand squeezing a stress ball

Due to bone structure, some individuals simply have bigger hands than others. You cannot expect to reduce the size and fat surrounding just your hands through the use of specific hand exercises. Proper diet and exercise can lead to an overall improvement in your health and in fat reduction. However, there are exercises you can perform to strengthen and make your hands appear more toned.


Typing is a practical exercise that you may already perform on a daily basis depending on what type of job you have. Typing works out each of your fingers. You can participate in timed typing games found on the Internet in order to make typing more exciting. Since excessive typing can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure you use proper form.

Push Ups

Push ups can help strengthen your wrists and hands while toning your upper body and helping you to burn calories. Try to complete one set of 20 repetitions of push-ups twice each day. You will notice an overall improvement in your hand, wrist and arm strength.

Barbell Wrist Extensions

Wrist extensions can help to strengthen and tone your hands and wrists. Sit down and rest your forearm on your thighs. Grasp a barbell -- three to five pounds is sufficient -- and position your hand so that your palm is facing the ground. Use your wrist and slowly lower the barbell so that the top of your hand is facing forward and your wrist is in a hanging position. Hold this position for a few seconds and raise your hand back up to the starting position. Complete one set of 20 repetitions for each wrist.


Making a simple fist can help tone and strengthen your hands, wrist and fingers. Hold your hands up with your fingers spread completely apart. Squeeze all of your fingers together tightly in a fist. Hold this position for five seconds. Relax and repeat. Complete this exercise 10 times for each hand. You can make fists with both hands simultaneously if you wish.

Ball Squeeze

Squeezing a bean bag, stress ball, small rubber ball or tennis ball can help increase strength in your fingers and hands. Squeeze the ball of your choice tightly on the palm of your hand. Hold for a few seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times for each hand.

Wrist Range of Motion

Increasing the range of motion in your wrist can help tone and increase flexibility in your hands and wrists. Hold your wrists out in front of you. Move them from side to side as if you were waving hello or goodbye to someone. Complete 10 "waves" with each hand. Next make circles with your wrist. Move your wrist in circles clockwise 10 times and then counter clockwise for another ten repetitions. Repeat with your opposite hand.