How to Make My Ring Finger Stronger


Having strong fingers can be the difference between excelling in a certain activity and giving a mediocre performance. Whether you practice martial arts, enjoy rock climbing or play an instrument such as the piano, clarinet or guitar, finger strength is essential to your success and progress. The ring finger is one of the weaker fingers of the hand. To optimize the use of this finger, your must train the finger itself, the hand muscles and the forearm muscles.

Use an individual finger exercise device to strengthen your ring finger. A finger exerciser gives resistance when you push down onto it with your fingers. Place your fingers over the designated finger pads. Push down on the pad with your ring finger. Hold it down for 2 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the pushing motion for 1 minute before resting your finger. Gradually increase the length of time that you exercise your ring finger.

Perform forearm curls to strengthen your fingers, including the ring finger. Sit in a sturdy chair. Hold a light dumbbell in the fist of your right hand. Bend forward to place your right elbow on your right knee. Open your hand and roll the dumbbell down to the tips of your fingers. Close your hand back up to hold the dumbbell in your fist again. Repeat this forearm exercise for 1 minute before switching hands. Gradually extend the length of exercise time as you get stronger, and increase the weight.

Squeeze a tennis ball or rubber ball to strengthen your ring finger. Hold a tennis ball in your hand. Squeeze your ring finger into the ball. Hold the tension for 2 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute before switching hands. As you get stronger, lengthen the duration of the exercise, or rest for 1 minute before adding another set.

Perform wall pushups on your fingers. Stand approximately 1 foot away from a wall. Place your fingertips shoulder-width on the wall. Bend your elbows and diagonally lean into the wall as if doing a pushup. Push yourself away from the wall using your fingers. As you get stronger, use less fingers and focus on using the ring finger. Once you're strong enough, perform the exercise on the floor.