The Best Yoga Pant

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Despite the availability of high-end specialty stores, yoga practice isn't restricted to the fashion-forward. Instead, you can purchase a quality pair of yoga pants from a variety of brands and stores. The label on the back is nowhere near as important as the features and fit that will either help or hurt your yoga practice, warns "Yoga Journal." When looking for the best yoga pant, consider your personal preferences and comfort level.


The fabric from which your pants are constructed may be the most important component for your comfort and flexibility. While you can find yoga pants made from almost every type of fabric -- from bamboo to cotton and Spandex to polyester -- the best yoga pants have plenty of stretch. Fabric blends can also work well, such as cotton with Lycra. The result is a pant that offers superior breathability with plenty of stretch for a comfortable class.


Yoga pant fit is a personal preference, but you should keep visibility in mind. When you practice yoga, your instructor needs to see your form, and baggy pants can eclipse your body and make it difficult to see. Pants can come in both capris and full-length style. The fit that's best for you depends on your personal preference, so test-drive a couple of cheap pairs of pants before investing in a higher-quality set for regular practice, author Donna Raskin suggests in "The Everything Easy Fitness Book: Lose Weight, Build Strength, and Feel Energized."


Yoga pants are constantly evolving to reflect the practice and lifestyles of those who wear them. Because you'll see yoga pants as casual wear outside of the studio, some pants have features -- like pockets -- that you'll rarely use during practice. You may, however, want features such as moisture-wicking performance fabrics, stretch panels for better mobility, slimming effects and even built-in knee pads if you struggle with your knees. The best yoga pants have the features that you want without all of the bells and whistles you don't need.

For Men

Men's yoga pants differ from women's yoga pants in the sense that they're usually more general purpose. Some guys feel more comfortable in a pair of bike shorts, while others might choose legging-type pants. You may find a limited selection when looking for yoga pants for men. The best yoga pants for men may be a slim-cut pair of sweatpants or basketball shorts -- whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.