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Guide for the Iron Gym Ab Workout

The Iron Gym is a multi-function training bar that allows you to work both the upper body and the abs. It’s designed for use as both a pull-up or chin-up bar when installed in a home doorway, or on the floor facing down for tricep dips, sit-ups or push-ups.

Although you can base your home workout around the Iron Gym's abilities, it’s important to set realistic goals and stick to them. Stay safe, too—if an exercise is too challenging, lower your number of reps. Be sure to start each session by warming up with stretching exercises. The Iron Gym exercises should be done slowly and methodically, with control. As you build strength, increase the number of sessions you do weekly until you build up to 9 to 12 sessions a week. Three to five sessions weekly are recommended as a maintenance plan.

Getting Started with Pull-ups

Place a bench or stool in the doorway under the Irony Gym and step to the top. Grasp the bar with both hands, using a palms-up grip. Keeping your spine long, lift your chest and brace your abdominals to keep the trunk stable. Lift the chest to upward the bar by pulling the elbows past the rib cage. Rest briefly at the top then lower your trunk slowly back down, maintain muscle tension until you return to starting position. Try for three sets of five to 10 reps.


An ACE research study found bodyweight dips to be one of the most effective moves for stimulating muscle activity in the triceps. However, it also works many other synergistic muscles, including the pectoralis major, trapezius and serratus anterior.

  1. Place Iron Gym on the floor with arched bar grips facing upward. Sit on the floor facing away from the device.

  2. Extend your legs outward and wrap your hands around the grips.

  3. Slowly lower your body downward in a straight and controlled motion.


    For an advanced dips workout, elevated your heels with a stable object, such as a step stool.


  • The Iron Gym helps you work abs by providing a foot stabilizer when you’re doing sit-ups.

    1. Place the Iron Gym in the base of a doorway then adjust its position so that the two “Foam End Pieces” on the opposite side of the doorway are full contact with the two sides of the door frame.

    2. Anchor your feet beneath the long bar, then bend your feet upward while keeping your heels against the floor.

    3. As you perform each sit up, pull back on the “Long Bar” with your feet for support and proper form.


  • Placed on the floor, the Iron Gym’s multiple grip options enable you to do push-ups in a variety of positions to work different muscles across your chest, back and upper arms.

    1. With the Iron Gym placed on the floor, take hold of the desired grips and hold yourself at arm’s length from the device.

    2. Lower yourself to the floor in a slow, controlled movement.

    3. Just before making contact with the floor, or the Iron Gym, push up until you are back in the starting your position. For best results, continue until it’s difficult to maintain good form.

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