Soloflex Workout Guide

Portrait of determined mature woman flexing arm muscles

Soloflex is a workout machine that has resistant, stretchable weights. These weights are different than in traditional weight machines. They are placed on bars, and are flexible and pulled, providing resistance without the heavy, bulky traditional forms. Soloflex is an all-body machine, so a person can work all areas of the body including arms, chest, shoulders, legs and thighs. Once the machine is assembled, a few standard exercises can start you off building muscle mass.

Work the chest muscles by lying down on the bench with the bar placed right above your chin. Push the bar upwards. The Soloflex weights will resist the push, so you work your chest muscles. Push your arms upward, but don't lock the elbows. Continue this for 15 repetitions and three sets.

Slide the weight bar up the Soloflex so that your body fits underneath. Face the rear of the Soloflex as you pull the bar down towards your back. This works the back and arm muscles. Continue the pull-down exercise for 15 repetitions. Do three sets of 15 repetitions for a full back exercise.

Sit upright at the end of the bench. Place each foot behind the lower feet bars at the bottom of the bench. Extend your feet outward. You should feel the top part of the legs burn, indicating these muscles are being worked. Extend the legs, but avoid locking the knees. Repeat this exercise 15 times for three sets.

Sit under the bar facing the front of the bench, with the bar at the midsection of the Soloflex. Using your shoulder muscles, lift the bar upwards above your head as you sit upright. Like the chest exercises, don't lock the elbows when you extend your arms. Continue this exercise for 15 repetitions and three sets.

Place the Soloflex bar at a level close to your mid-back. Face your back towards the bar and place your hands on the bar. Using your hands, press down on the Soloflex bar. This works the tricep muscles. Continue (like the other workouts) doing 15 repetitions for three sets.