Online Basic Training Techniques for Muay Thai Kickboxing

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Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a contact sport. This means the only true way to learn it is to attend training sessions. If you have a chance to travel to Southeast Asia, you’ll find that training camps abound and many offer short training sessions where you can learn the basics and then continue to practice at home. Muay Thai training is also available in big cities throughout the U.S. If you have no opportunity to try this with a trainer, you can start looking online to learn the basics.

Online Training Webcams

A good way to train online is to follow professional trainers. Since you’re training from home, there’s no better way to do this than using a webcam. Websites like KombatGroup allow you to watch Muay Thai fighters during training, both in the gym or in the ring. To do this, go to the website and when asked for a login and password, type “guest” in both places. You should see a group of cameras on the screen. These are live, so you will only see people training when somebody is at the gym. Then, follow the moves and exercises done on camera.

Muay Thai Basics

Some websites offer basic training on Muay Thai. For example, offers details on learning the Muay Thai stance. This consists of positioning your body just slightly bent forward, with your head down just a bit and your feet slightly apart. This gives you a good set position and secures your balance. Hands should be up to your eyebrows, in a fist, in order to protect your face. The website also allows you to learn how to wrap your hands properly before putting on the gloves and how to use the basic equipment, which includes groin protectors, ankle supports, boxing gloves, rope and head guard. Maybe most important of all is to learn the words used in Muay Thai to refer to certain moves and body parts. This is because trainers are likely to refer to them by their Thai name, rather than the English word. For example, “tae” means kick and “chok” means punch. You also need to learn the name of basic moves. “Wong nai” means to stay close to your opponent when attacking while “thoy” means step back and defend yourself.

Basic Arm Techniques

The most important moves and fighting techniques of Muay Thai must be learned face-to-face, since they involve attacking and defending yourself against an opponent. Still, you can learn a few of the most important moves of Muay Thai right on the Internet. There are five types of punches and five elbow strikes in Muay Thai. The most basic ones could be learned online. This includes the “Mud Trong” or straight punch. This requires a punch straight forward with the leading hand, while the other hand protects the face.

Basic Leg Techniques

Leg techniques are a bit harder to master online. There are three types of basic “tae” or kicks in Muay Thai. A website like offers a basic roundup of all the moves and offers pictures so you can see the stance and technique used. The side kick, which is the basic kick in Muay Thai, is done by swinging the leg and hip to kick sideways. To kick, raise the leg until it is perpendicular to the ground.