The Best Folding Exercise Bike

Folding exercise bikes have greatly improved in recent years. As of February 2011, you can buy a folding exercise bike that compares in quality with a regular exercise bike. If you are in the market for a folding bike, make sure you can comfortably fold it up and move it to wherever you plan to store it. Some models are easy to fold. Some have handles to make it easier to transport them. Make sure you know how big the bike is when it is folded up before you get it home and attempt to store it in a closet or beneath your bed.

Confidence Fitness Space Saving X

The top-rated bike by independent website Exercise Bike Tips, this bike is very easy to assemble and fold up. It has a smooth and quiet riding action and sells for as little as $140 as of February 2011. It features an adjustable resistance system, a padded and adjustable seat, a computer that tracks riding time, speed, distance and calories. It weighs 40 lbs. and folds up narrowly, allowing the bike to fit in almost any small space.

Stamino 15-0200 In Tone Folding Rebumbent

Exercise Bike Tips and Exercise Bikes Summarized recommend this recumbent model for its sturdy, quiet and comfortable ride. It has a pin that lifts up for easy folding, a foam rubber grip for transporting, a heart rate monitor, cushioned seat and seat back, an LCD monitor and six workout programs. That's a lot of fold-up bike for a price of about $179 as of February 2011.

Buying Tips

In addition to evaluating the ease or difficulty of folding and carrying a fold-up bike, you should carefully evaluate the frame. It must be tough enough to fold and unfold many times and as stable as a traditional exercise bike. The Stamina Intone, for example, is constructed of study steel. If you weigh over 250 lbs., a fold-up bike might not work for you, since they have lower weight tolerances than traditional bikes.


If you can squeeze an inexpensive exercise bike into a small space and not have to fold it up, or if you weigh too much to be comfortable on a fold-up bike, you might want to consider the highly regarded Marcy ME-708 or the Gold's Gym Power Spin 210. The former has foam grips, an adjustable seat, eight resistance levels and a large console. The latter features a port to plug in an MP3 player, 10 resistance levels, eight personal trainer workout programs, which automatically adjust resistance amounts. This bike works best if you are less than 6 feet tall. Both are in the same price range as the fold-up models.