Weider 8510 Exercise Guide

Weights on execise machine

The Weider 8510 is a small home-gym system that has a weight stack and pulley system to deliver resistance up to 209 pounds. The machine can work all the major muscle groups and has press arms, butterfly arms, a leg lever and high and low pulley stations. You can attach the lat bar or a nylon strap to either of the pulleys. This model has not been produced for many years, so thoroughly check the cables and pulleys before purchasing a second-hand one.

Warm-Up and Weight Selection

Warm-up with light cardio work and stretches for five to 10 minutes before starting your workout. Insert a weight pin under the chosen weight to adjust the weight resistance. The top plate weighs 6.5 pounds and the rest of the weights are in 12.5 pound increments. There is a weight-resistance chart on page 15 of the user's manual to help you make your selection.

Press and Butterfly Arms

Use the press arms to perform chest presses by sitting in the seat and holding the press arm handles with an overhand grip. Push them out in front of you by extending your arms and bringing them back towards your body using a full range of motion. You should feel the stretch in your chest. Do pec-deck flyes with the butterfly arms by placing your forearms against them and pushing them towards each other so that your elbows nearly touch.

High and Low Pulley Stations

Lat pulldowns can be done by attaching the lat bar to the high pulley station. Sit on the seat and pull the bar down to below your chin by bending your elbows and then straighten your arms back up. You can use an overhand grip on the lat bar or an underhand grip. It is easiest to use a wide grip for overhand and a narrow grip for underhand. You will need to remove the seat and leg lever to use the low pulley, which can be used for squats, bicep curls and upright rows.

Leg Lever, Sets and Reps

The leg lever can be used for leg extensions in the seated position and for leg curls in a standing position. For general fitness, you should perform each exercise eight to 12 times and build up to three sets a couple of times a week. Use higher weights and fewer repetitions if you want to build large muscles and lower weights and more repetitions to build endurance.