What Is the Best 1.20 Men's Slow-Pitch Softball Bat?

If you've been playing slow-pitch softball for any amount of time, you understand how critical it is to have the right bat. The best bat for an individual player will have a length compatible with his height; a weight compatible with his swing -- and a barrel taper and grip compatible with his preferences. Most players prefer metal bats because they generally offer superior hitting distances. However, there's another critical factor related to bat material and performance, called the "bat performance factor," which must be considered.

Performance Regulations

In addition to fitting a player's size and complying with his preferences, the best bat for a male softball player must meet performance regulations set forth by the United States Specialty Softball Association. In order to be used, a bat can be no more than 34 inches in length and 31 oz. heavy, and the bat's grip must not exceed 10 inches in length. Bats can be wooden or metal -- however, non-wooden bats composed of aluminum or composite materials must have a bat performance factor of 1.20 or less. Players that use bats that have been altered which exceeds performance standards are subject to penalties.

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