How to Use the Body by Jake Ab Rocker

How to Use the Body by Jake Ab Rocker

Countless devices promise you a svelte belly, and the Body by Jake Ab Rocker is no different. Marketed by Jake Steinfeld, an actor and fitness professional, the machine allows you to sit on a padded low platform and, with one move, work all of the muscles of your abdomen.

The Body by Jake Ab Rocker promises you results with just 5 minutes of use per day. Of course, you'll get the best outcome if you also follow the accompanying Food Lover's Meal Plan and Rapid Results Workout Guide.

Flex Crunch

The Body by Jake Ab Rocker asserts that you need to do just one exercise on the machine to work all your ab muscles. These include the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis.

Sit on the padded seat, which is just inches from the floor, and plant your feet firmly in front of you. Ensure your buttocks are pressed all the way to the back of the seat and that they're centered in the middle. Place your arms on the supports that are located at shoulder height.

Roll the rocker arms in tight toward one another. Your hands will be in front of your chest.

Lean forward, then stretch back up to perform the crunch. Let each repetition last about 1 second so you work intentionally and brace your ab muscles. Focus on tightening your abs in towards your spine, rather than pushing and pulling with your arms. Maintain a flexible pelvis.

Do 12 repetitions. Work up to three to five total sets. Between sets, release your arms and rest briefly for 15 to 20 seconds. Gently shake out your arms and back during the rest to avoid getting stiff.


Keep your arms loosely resting on the handles and your feet secure, but not forced, into the floor. Avoid straining your head or neck; your whole body should feel relaxed as you crunch.

The Ab Rocker promises you results.

Keep in Mind

Although the Body by Jake Ab Rocker is convenient and supportive, it shouldn't be the only exercise you do. To reveal a slim belly, you must lose extra fat. The Ab Rocker isn't intense enough of a movement to help you burn enough calories to do so.

A regular fitness program that involves at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week is important to your health and physique. Jogging, walking or playing tennis all count. You'd also benefit from strength-training all your muscles, not just your abs, twice per week. It'll help you put on muscle, and a body with a greater percentage of muscle burns calories more efficiently than one that has an abundance of fat.