Is Composite or Fiberglass Better for a Field Hockey Stick?

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For a field hockey player, choose a stick is the most important equipment choice you will make. A good stick becomes an extension of your body so when making the choice between a composite or fiberglass stick it is crucial to take into account your skill level and age (certain sticks are not allowed below high school level) as well as the stiffness and power you are looking for.

Beginners Versus Advanced Players

As a beginning field hockey player and before you reach high school, you will need to choose a composite stick because full fiberglass sticks are no allowed before high school level. Composite sticks come in a variety of materials and can contain wood, carbon and aramid as well as fiberglass. Beginners will want to pick a composite stick that contains wood, fiberglass or aramid and no carbon so it is flexible and less powerful and therefore easier to handle.

Position and Power

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Intermediate and advanced players will select a field hockey stick based on their experience and position. Players who want a light, flexible and durable stick should pick a stick with a high percentage of fiberglass, if not full fiberglass. Players in the middle and back who need more power out of their shot and can sacrifice some weight because they run a bit less will look for a composite which includes a higher percentage of carbon.