The Best Ryka Shoe for Aerobics

Good foot and ankle stability during a step aerobics class is imperative.

Whether you do high- or low-impact aerobics, wearing an athletic shoe that offers support, stability and cushioning can help you perform better during class and prevent injury.

Ryka, an athletic shoe and apparel company, designs shoes tailored to fit women’s feet during various athletic activities, including aerobics. The best Ryka aerobics shoe for you depends on your particular feet.

About Ryka Shoes

Established in the late 1980s during the aerobics exercise craze, Ryka set out to create quality athletic shoes designed especially for women. Ryka determined that women tend to place more weight on the outside of their feet, and designed shoes to help create a more neutral stance and better control during movement. The shoes also have a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume and a more secure footbed.

What to Look For

Typically, aerobics shoes fall into the category of cross-training shoes. These shoes can be worn for a wide range of sports and exercise activities, since they offer stability and support when you are moving forward, backward or side-to-side.

While running shoes are made specifically for running, they can also be worn for aerobics if they provide the support you need. When choosing any shoe, what's most important is that it fits your foot and feels comfortable.

Cushioned Low Top

Many aerobics or group fitness classes contain dance-like choreography that has your feet moving in all different directions and often at a fast pace. Bouncing, jumping, stepping and running motions are not uncommon. Because of this, cushioning is an important feature when it comes to cross-trainers.

To meet this need, the Ryka Women's Influence training shoe is equipped with both midfoot and heel cushioning. The shoe also provides support, traction and durability without limiting range of motion, which means your foot will stay stable as you make quick turns or when suddenly changing direction.

Support in a High Top

If you need extra foot and ankle support for the dance or step moves of your favorite aerobics class, try out the Ryka Women’s Tenacity. Featuring a high-top design with an adjustable instep strap, the women’s Tenacity keeps your ankle securely in place as you’re twisting and turning. It provides plenty of stability and cushioning — especially at the forefoot pressure points — and a rubber sole provides traction to prevent slipping on the aerobics studio floor.