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Best Places to Buy Free Weights

Fitness is fun, but it isn't always cheap. That's why it's important to buy quality equipment from reputable businesses. If you plan on running a gym, knowing where to buy the right equipment is important to your brand, your credibility, and your reputation for safety. If you're a solitary practitioner, preferring the quiet of your garage to traditional gyms, access to free weights is important to achieving your personal goals.

For Gyms

In business since 1980, Sorinex has built its reputation selling equipment to high schools, colleges and professional sports teams. The University of Miami and the Cleveland Browns represent a portion of their customer base. They are capable of custom-making equipment and adapting existing equipment such as a squat rack to meet specific needs. In addition to free weights and Olympic bumper plates, they sell sexier items such as prowlers.

Gym Rats

Although Sorinex is willing to sell to individuals, you have choices should you find their prices unreasonable. If you're a kettlebell minimalist or Russian Kettlebell Challenge fanatic, go to Dragon Door. CrossFit enthusiasts should check out Rogue or Again Faster. At the time of publication, the latter has a two-person law-enforcement package, currently marketed at $1,300. The former has garage gym packages starting at under $800, which include 45-pound bumper plates and a 53-pound kettlebell.

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