Food Supplements for Sprinters

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Sprinter Maurice Green once said, "To be No. 1, you have to train like you're No. 2." As this indicates, you need to make every effort you can to improve your performance, whether you're on top or not. In addition to training hard, this includes being dedicated to your nutrition and using the most advanced food supplements available. While these supplements may be beneficial, you should consult a medical professional before using them.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are intended to provide energy and endurance during training sessions and athletic activities. These supplements typically contain stimulants and other ingredients that may enhance muscular performance. A main ingredient in many pre-workout supplements is caffeine, which may increase your energy levels, improve focus and physical performance and enhance your reaction time, according to research from the October 2010 issue of the journal "Nutrition."


Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in meat. While you may not feel the beneficial effects of consuming creatine from food on occasion, supplementation of creatine on a regular basis may enhance your sprint performance. Creatine helps provide power to your muscles, which can aid you in training workouts and races. Research from the February 2002 issue of "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" indicates that creatine supplementation can improve muscle strength, muscle endurance and sprint performance.

Waxy Maize

Waxy maize is a type of corn that is sold in a powdered form. Waxy maize is rich in carbohydrates, which provide your body with energy for activities. One advantage of waxy maize is that it is absorbed quickly by your body, so it can help you start the recovery process as quickly as possible. In addition, waxy maize may help other nutrients, such as creatine, reach your muscles efficiently. Research from the October 2010 issue of "Nutrition" indicates that waxy maize supplementation may also increase fat breakdown during exercise.

Amino Acids

Like creatine, amino acids are naturally found in food. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, but it takes your body a long time to break down food proteins into amino acid. For this reason, supplementing amino acid powders or tablets can aid in your sprint performance, as no breakdown is required. Research from the March 2011 issue of the "Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness" indicates that supplementation of the branched-chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, can improve endurance and the burning of fat for energy.