Arm Exercises for Women to Lose Arm Fat

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Spot reduction is an ineffective approach to losing weight in your arms. You can however, perform resistance exercises that will challenge your arm muscles and help transform fat into muscle. That, combined with a healthy diet, regular cardio and strength training, will encourage overall weight loss that will make muscular development in your arms more apparent.

One-Legged Hammer Curls

One-legged hammer curls tone your biceps while improving balance and coordination. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and position your feet under your hips. Bend your knees slightly and tighten your stomach muscles. Hang your arms by your sides and turn your palms toward one another. Lift your right foot off the ground and shift your weight onto your left leg. Press your arms against your sides and lift the weight to your shoulders. Pause, lower and repeat. Switch legs during your next set.

Single-Arm Curls

Single-arm curls also strengthen your biceps. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and position your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, hang your arms by your sides and turn your palms up. Lift the weight in your right hand to your shoulder, lower and repeat. Complete your desired amount of repetitions and then do the same with your left arm.

Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks strengthen the back of your arms. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and straighten your back. Tighten your stomach muscles, lean forward 45 degrees, press your elbows against your sides and hang the weights under your shoulders. Push the weights behind you, stopping when your arms are fully extended. Lower your arms to the start position and repeat.


Dips also challenge your triceps. Sit on the edge of a workout bench and wrap your fingers around the edge of it. Straighten your wrists and point your knuckles forward. Lift your hips off the bench and position them in front of the bench. Walk your feet forward 24 inches and tuck your elbows by your sides. Lower your hips toward the ground, bending your elbows to accommodate the movement. Stop when the back of your arms are parallel to the ground, push up to straight and repeat.

Front Raises

The anterior deltoids are located on the front of your shoulders. Front raises with a stability ball tone your deltoids, and doing them on the ball strengthens your core muscles. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit on top of a stability ball. Straighten your back, relax your shoulders and contract your abdominal muscles. Hang your arms by the sides of the ball and turn your palms so your knuckles face forward. Lift the dumbbells in front of your shoulders, stopping when they are parallel to the ground. Lower and repeat.