Can I Buy Extra Workout DVDs for Pilates Power Gym?

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The Pilates Power Gym is a piece of Pilates equipment designed for home use. Instead of relying on a class instructor, you'll use the DVDs that accompany the Pilates Power Gym. Although there are DVDs included with the system, you can order additional DVDs or view them online via streaming video.

Included DVDs

There are three different Pliates Power Gym systems, the Pilates Power Gym Pro System, the Pilates Power Gym Pro Cardio System and the Pilates Power Gym Plus System. All three systems include the "Abs, Arms & Legs Workout," the "Beginner's Workout" and the "Kick Butt Workout." Additionally, the Pilates Power Gym Pro Cardio System includes the "Cardio Blast" DVD.

Ordering More

If you want additional DVDs beyond the ones included with your system, you will need to buy them separately. According to the frequently asked question section of the Pilates Power Gym Pro website, additional DVDs are available for purchase from their official website ( The available DVDs are listed under the "accessories" section of the website.


If you prefer streaming videos to physical DVDs, you can also access the Power Pilates Gym videos online. As of 2013, 13 videos are available from The Fitness Channel ( For a fee you can subscribe to The Fitness Channel and stream these workout videos on your computer. This gives you access to the workouts anywhere where you have internet access.

Using the Videos

You should not attempt to use your Pilates Power Gym without the Videos. According to the Pilates Power Gym owner's manual. you should review the owners manual as well as the complete video that you are following before you begin the exercise program. The owner's manual also recommends following along with the video when performing exercises in order to maintain the proper form and pace. The manual recommends doing as much of the "Beginner Workout" video as you can manage, three times per week when beginning the program.