Pushing Sled Exercises

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Pushing sled exercises are designed to strengthen your core muscles as well as improve your explosiveness and power on an athletic field. While weighted sleds are often used by football players and other athletes who engage in contact sports, using weighted sleds can help you improve your speed and quickness in finesse sports, such as sprinting and pole vaulting.

Weighted Sled Push

This pushing sled exercise is designed to strengthen your shoulder muscles as well as your quadriceps and hamstrings. Stand directly behind a weighted sled with both of your hands on the handlebars. Push forward on the sled with your back straight and your knees driving up and down to generate speed. Push the weighted sled in a consistent marching motion for 20 yards before resting. Repeat the exercise four times before completing your workout.

Weighted Sled Strip Set

This pushing sled exercise is designed to increase your speed by gradually reducing weight on the sled. Start by pushing a 105-lb. weighted sled on a 50- to 60-yard straightaway. After returning to your original position, strip away a 35-pound plate and repeat the exercise. Returning to your position and strip another plate away. Continue to strip plates until you are left with just the sled. Push the sled as fast as you can before completing the exercise.

Power Sled Chest Press

This pushing sled exercise will strengthen your chest muscles as well as your arms. Attach ropes to each side of the power sled. Rotate your body so the power sled is behind you and a rope is in each arm. Hold the ropes at shoulder height and begin to run forward. As you run forward, extend your arms out and away from your body. Continue to push your arms until they are fully extended. Bend them back and repeat as you are running.

Push-and-Pull Exercise

This sled exercise is designed to strengthen your muscles while pushing and pulling your sled. Start by pushing the sled for 50 yards and resting for several seconds. From here, pull the sled back 50 yards to your original position. As you improve, add weight plates to the sled to make the exercise more difficult. Perform five repetitions in each direction before completing this push-and-pull exercise. This exercise will strengthen your core muscles as well as your shoulders.