10U Fastpitch Softball Rules

Female Softball Player

10U fastpitch softball rules are similar to rules of a basic women's softball league. Many of the restrictions and differences in 10U softball are based around the developing bodies and sizes of the girls playing the game. As a result, restrictions on innings pitched and the distance of the pitching mound are designed to help preserve the vitality of young player's arms. While the majority of 10U rules from the American Softball Association are the same nationwide, some leagues vary their rules depending on their county and specific style of play.

Pitching Duration

While professional softball and baseball leagues allow your pitchers to throw as many innings as possible, 10U leagues require pitchers to throw no more than four innings per six inning game. In some leagues, such as the Franklin County Parks and Recreation League, pitchers are limited to three innings a game. This pitching restriction is designed to keep the arms of young pitcher's healthy. During a regulation game, each pitcher must pitch with an 11-inch, raised seam softball.


While stealing a base is allowed in 10U fastpitch softball, there are some limitations and restrictions on the type of steals.Each runner can only steal one base per inning. If a catcher overthrows a base during an attempted steal, the runner cannot advance an additional base. Base runners standing on third base are not permitted to steal home plate. A runner cannot perform a delayed steal off a dropped ball from the pitcher.


A pitcher-coach is placed into a game if a pitcher executes more than three walks in a regulation game. After three walks, a pitcher-coach comes in and pitches to the other team. A pitcher-coach may not walk a batter on the opposing team. As a result, the batter gets four pitches from the pitcher-coach. If she fails to reach base after four pitches, she is automatically considered out. Even if the batter fouls off the fourth pitch, she is still considered out to keep the game moving at a reasonable speed.


In addition to using a regulation 11-inch softball, each batter on a 10U softball team must step up to the plate with a helmet and face guard attached. Players must also wear chin straps on their helmets. In addition to players who are up to bat, the on-deck batter and all base runners must wear helmets during the game. Batters can use either a wood or aluminum bat of any size, as long as it is less than 34 inches in length. Metal spikes are not allowed in regulation play.