How to Shoot a Basketball Like Lebron James

How to Shoot a Basketball Like Lebron James

There is no one proper way to shoot a basketball, and many strong basketball players have shooting forms that observers criticize. Former professional basketball player Rick Barry says that LeBron James has technical flaws in his shooting form that keep him from being a more accurate shooter. However, James is one of the most popular and idolized basketball players in the world, and many people aim to do everything -- including shoot -- just like LeBron.

Hold the ball in the standard way, with your shooting hand under the ball and your off hand or guide hand on the side of the ball. James, like most players, rests the ball mostly on his fingertips with little space between his palm and the basketball.

Cock the ball back over your head so that the ball is directly over your shooting side eye and just slightly above your forehead. James' shooting motion is compact, and he does not cock the ball as far back as some players.

Maintain a comfortable shooting elbow that's angled slightly outward. Many coaches say that the elbow should be tucked in and in a straight line with the shooting leg, but James' elbow flares out slightly and is not in line or under the basketball.

Jump high and follow through up and out toward the basket. Some players flatten their shot out on jump shots, but James still uses a high release and follows through with a standard up-and-out motion.

Add a fade-away motion by jumping backward slightly instead of straight up and down as you shoot. James often uses a fade-away jumper, which helps to prevent blocked shots and allows him to see the goal easier.


Don't get discouraged if you cannot shoot just like Lebron James. Use his techniques to improve your skills, and come up with a shooting style that works best for you.