CrossFit Partner Workouts

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CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program suitable for a wide range of abilities, including elite athletes and novice exercises. The workouts -- commonly referred to as the “WOD” for “workout of the day” -- incorporate a variety of exercises such as major lifts -- including deadlifts and Olympic lifts -- gymnastic movements such as pullups and pushups and metabolic conditioning exercises such as running and rowing. While most CrossFit workouts are designed for individuals, some CrossFit affiliates prescribe partner or team workouts to add a challenging and fun component to fitness.


“Murph” is a benchmark CrossFit hero workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. As prescribed, “Murph” is performed as fast as possible and starts with running one mile followed with 100 repetitions of pullups, 200 repetitions of pushups and 300 repetitions of squats before finishing with another one mile run. For a partner workout, both partners start with the one mile run and then perform the prescribed repetitions on pullups, pushups and squats with only one partner working at a time. Both partners run another mile to finish the workout.


The CrossFit dodgeball partner workout puts a twist on the traditional dodgeball game. You find as many different colored balls as possible as each ball indicates a specific exercise. General dodgeball rules apply, but when you are hit with a ball you must perform the exercise and specific number of repetitions before returning to the game. For example, a yellow ball can indicate 10 pushups while a red ball is 10 burpees and a blue ball is 10 squats. If a yellow ball hits you, you would perform 10 pushups before returning to the game.


CrossFit “chipper” workouts are characterized by four or more exercises grouped together in a circuit-style format. With your partner, complete a total of 10 repetitions on handstand pushups, 20 repetitions on knees to elbows, 30 repetitions on burpees, 40 repetitions on box jumps, 50 repetitions on ring dips, 60 repetitions on pullups, 70 repetitions on pushups, 80 repetitions on situps, 90 repetitions on squats on 100 repetitions on double-unders jump rope. Only one partner is allowed to work at one time and the goal is to perform the prescribed number of exercises as fast as possible.

Sand Bag Relay

The sand bag relay partner CrossFit workout combines functional exercises including squats, burpees and sandbag throws along with pushups, situps and partner jump rope. Start the sand bag relay workout by performing 20 partner squats with your backs together and arms locked. Then each partner throws the sand bag overhead and backwards as far as possible. Perform two burpees before each sand bag throw and throw the sand bag a total of 400 meters. Finish by performing 10 high-five pushups, 10 partner leg lock situps, 10 back-to-back squats and 10 partner jump ropes facing one direction.