Women's Volleyball Fitness Workouts

Women's volleyball fitness requires explosive jumping ability, core stability, agility and overall strength. Jumping and agility drills are among the most important volleyball-player exercises because so much of the game relies on getting to the ball on defense and offense, and jumping to block a shot. Because women athletes are prone to anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee, careful attention to form and training is strongly recommended.

Power Workouts

Power-boost exercises include bench presses, power shrugs, dips and hang cleans. Women can do bench presses using either a barbell or two dumbbells. Hang cleans can be performed the same way, with either a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. Dips require a dip bar or similar apparatus that allows you to hold on to two handles and lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the ground before you raise yourself back up again. Try a circuit of these power exercises, doing a set of 10 to 12 repetitions of each one, with a one-minute break between each set.

Jumping Workouts

Improving a woman's jumping ability is essential in volleyball, whether she plays indoor or beach volleyball. Doing a variety of jumping exercises works the muscles at different angles, improving overall strength and stamina. To do a max jump pick a target height on a wall or basketball backboard and jump 10 to 15 times with both feet while trying to reach that target. Other effective jumping drills include the same-leg broad jump, in which you jump as far forward as you can by taking off and landing on the same foot. A third jumping drill is the box jump, in which you jump with both feet onto a box or other raised platform. Repeat each set two to three times.

Dot Drill Workouts

To start, set up four cones in a square pattern with each side about a yard long. Place a fifth cone in the middle of the square. The goal is to improve your quickness, agility and fitness level. Stand at the middle cone and hop on both feet to the upper left cone. Then hop to the upper right cone, back to the lower right cone, over to the lower left cone and up to the middle cone. Repeat the same pattern with only one leg at a time.

Fan Drill Workout

The fan drill requires three cones along the attack line, one at each sideline and the third in the middle. A coach or teammate calls out “right,” “left” or “center.” The player then must sprint to the appropriate cone, touch it and do a defensive shuffle back to the end line to await the next target. See how many cones you can touch in 20 seconds and work to improve that number.

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