How to Volley a Volleyball


Volleying is the motion of passing a ball back and forth over a net. The technique to volleying a volleyball takes skill and practice. The volley is a basic skill that anyone playing the game should be able to do proficiently. Practice daily for an ideal volley to help your team in a game.

How to Volley

Place your hands directly above your forehead, joining your pointer fingers and your thumbs to make a diamond shape. Move your thumbs and pointer fingers 5 inches away from each other so your hands now make the shape of a ball, recommends the Wiltshire Volleyball Association. Extend your hands about 6 inches above your forehead while looking up, as if a volleyball were coming toward you.

Step backward with your dominant foot when your hands connect with the ball. Cradle the ball backward, and then step forward as you use the full power of your body to volley the ball to your spiker or another teammate.

Push your fingers up and outward as the ball connects. The motion should feel more like a gentle push than a slap. The arms should cushion the weight of the ball when it connects, leaving the fingers to guide it only.

Volley straight into the air, directing the ball only by the position of your hands. To push the ball left, drop your left hand down slightly to send it that way. Keep in mind that a volley is not meant to move the ball significantly, but rather to set it into a better position for a teammate to bump or spike it onto the other side of the court, according to


Practice the correct motion without a ball daily, making sure to concentrate on using your body and arms to perpetuate the motion of the ball.


Note the position of your fingers. Using only your fingers can result in injuries such as breaks or sprains.